Hymn 94
(tune: My Faith Looks Up to Thee)

Track 6 of Echoes From the Trail is Hymn 94 from the Cherokee Hymn Book, played and sung to the tune My Faith Looks Up to Thee.

The original English version of this hymn was written by Ray Palmer, son of a Rhode Island judge and graduate of Yale College, in 1830. In 1835 he became pastor of the Central Congregational Church, Bath, Maine. Palmer wrote this hymn in 1830 as a personal prayer, acknowledging what Christ meant to him.

Although not a direct translation of the English lyrics, the Cherokee version has a similar theme right from the opening line of the first verse, which translates roughly as: “You are loved, our Father and Creator, Who lives above.” I have included all 4 verses from the Hymn Book, all of which express love and praise for God and Jesus, perhaps exemplified by the final line of the second verse: “We will depend on You forever.”

I chose this song for my CD for the easy way its harmonies flow, both with the flute and vocal duets. Hear the opening flute duet in the sample clip here: