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Welcome to the Cyberhome of Johnny Kee  


Johnny Kee's second commercial CD album, Johnny Kee, Storyteller, is now available for immediate shipment. Digital distribution for download and streaming is in the works.

Click here to learn all about this album, including a 1-minute preview and a back story for each of the songs on this album.

Find ordering information and links to descriptions of both Johnny Kee albums on our "CD Albums" page. 

Johnny Kee has been singing and playing music ever since he joined the children's choir at the old North Presbyterian Church in Milwaukee over 60 years ago. He got his first guitar around 1960. His first music endeavor outside church was in joining with a friend to create a folk group called the Bayou Brothers in 1962.

Over the years, Johnny's love for music has never died, but has become especially strong over the last decade or so after joining the Praise Band at the Pineda Presbyterian Church (Melbourne). He is now working as a solo performer, collaborating with other fine musicians when the opportunities arise, and recording in his home studio.


What kind of music does Johnny Kee play?

Johnny draws heavily from the folk, gospel, spirituals, and blues he learned over a half century ago, now rearranging many of the songs from back then to enhance the instrumental parts and/or add a more bluesy sound. 

Johnny is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, working the 6- and 12-string guitars in with Native American flute, 5-string banjo, and autoharp. Native flutes, the latest addition to this list, were the result of also being the flute maker at Turtle Mound Flutes.


Where can I get Johnny Kee music?

Johnny's two commercial CDs, Echoes From the Trail and Johnny Kee, Storyteller, are now available. Get all the details on our CD Album web page, including information about ordering your copy (or copies). Downloads are also available from Amazon Music and CD Baby.


Can I follow Johnny Kee on social media?

Johnny maintains an active presence on Facebook. To keep up with all his news, visit his Facebook fan page (click on the banner image below, or go to www.facebook.com/Johnny.Kee.Music) and "like" him there.


Johnny also has a channel on YouTube, where you can find his videos ready for you to click and view. Click on the banner image below, or go to www.youtube.com/@Johnny_Kee, and while you're there, please consider "subscribing" to his channel. He won't overwhelm you with new videos, but you might enjoy his occasional new ones when they do become available. 


Please send questions or comments regarding this website to webmaster@JohnnyKee.com.

This page was last updated on 12/04/22.